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AG13 and LR44 batteries are the alkaline equivalent of the SR44 silver oxide battery. The IEC standard for AG13 is amed LR1154 if it is alkaline or SR1154 if the composition is silver-oxide.

All AG13 and LR44 batteries sold by Aussiebattery are fresh stock and never old and out of date batteries. We have a fast turnover and receive new deliveries every few weeks.

The average capacity of an Alkaline AG13 battery is 110-130 mAh, whereas the capacity of Silver-oxide is 150-200 mAh. In comparison a Zinc Air has 600-700 mAh capacity, and mercury-oxide has 180-200 mAh capacity. This range makes alkaline batteries the lowest with regard to capacity but also the cheapest and most cost effective for everyday use.