Apple iPhone 5C Battery with Tool Kit


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Does your iPhone 5C battery drain fast or is not holding a full charge anymore?  Has it been kept in a hot car during summer for days on end?  Replacing the iPhone 5C battery is straightforward and the tools are included at no extra cost! We also include detailed instructional videos to help you install your replacement iPhone battery and if you still need help we have email support standing by to assist. Our iPhone 5C battery kit with free tools includes everything you need to replace the battery yourself.

  • Apple iPhone Part #: 616-0667, 616-0668, 616-0669, 616-0730, 616-0762, 661-8300
  • OEM iPhone 5C Replacement Battery
  • Capacity: 1560 mAh
  • Voltage: 3.8V
  • Type: Lithium Battery

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iPhone 5S


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